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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Opportunity Rover Ready to Start Its Tenth Year
Topic: Mars
Summary: Opportunity landed on the surface of Mars nine years ago this week. Now, the long-lived rover is examining veined rocks on the rim of an ancient crater.

Clues to a Biosphere on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: A new study argues that the subsurface environment on Mars may hold clues to the origin of life.

On Mars, a River Ran Through It
Topic: Mars
Summary: New Mars Express images show a region of Reull Vallis on Mars where a channel 7 kilometers wide that may have been carved by flowing water.

Trail of Minerals is Evidence for Mars Water
Topic: Mars
Summary: Curiosity has tracked a trail of minerals on Mars that indicates water was once present in Gale Crater on Mars. Curiosity's ChemCam instrument detected veins composed mainly of hydrated calcium sulfate, such as gypsum. On Earth, forming such features requires liquid water.

Curiosity Prepares to Drill
Topic: Mars
Summary: Curiosity is driving toward a flat rock with pale veins that may hold clues to a wet history on the Red Planet. In the coming days, the rock could become the first to be drilled for a sample during the Mars Science Laboratory mission.

Salty Hiding Places for Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: Researchers have identified microorganisms that live inside salt deposits in the acidic and ferrous environment of the Tinto River in Huelva, Spain. The extreme conditions of these microniches appear to be similar to those of the salt deposits on Mars and Jupiter's moon, Europa.

First Meteorite Linked to Martian Crust
Topic: Mars
Summary: Researchers have identified a new class of martian meteorite that likely originated from Mars' crust. The meteorite used in the study was also dated to the early Amazonian epoch on Mars and contains more water than any other martian meteorite yet found.

Astrobiology Top 10: Curiosity In It for the Long Haul
Topic: Mars
Summary: In the top story of 2012, NASA achieves success at Mars with the landing of the Curiosity rover. Curiosity's first successful drive across the martian landscape was cause for celebration, and we took pause to reflect on MSL's long-term goals. (Originally published on 08/27/12)

Astrobiology Top 10: Meteorite Provides Clues to Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: As 2012 draws to a close, Astrobiology Magazine highlights the year's top stories. At number 3, scientists announced that the Tissint meteorite showed evidence that it interacted with water on the martian surface before it made its long journey to Earth. (Originally published 10/14/12)

Astrobiology Top 10: Mars Rover Starts its 9th Year
Topic: Mars
Summary: As 2012 draws to a close, Astrobiology Magazine highlights the year's top stories. At number 4, NASA's Opportunity rover continued to make discoveries as it began an incredible 9th year of science operations on Mars. (Originally published 05/01/2012)

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