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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Curiosity Provides Weather and Radiation Report
Topic: Mars
Summary: Observations of wind patterns and natural radiation patterns on Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover are helping scientists better understand the environment on the Red Planet's surface.

Meltwater on Mars Could Sustain Life
Topic: Mars
Summary: By comparing satellite imagery of Mars and the arctic island of Svalbard, researchers have determined that water played a bigger role in shaping the landscape of Mars than previously thought. The study also indicates that environments capable of supporting life on Mars might exist.

What Arctic Rocks Say About Life in Mars Meteorite
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Hans Amundsen explains what rocks from the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard have in common with a famous Mars meteorite.

Curiosity's Methane Hunt Comes Up Empty
Topic: Mars
Summary: With its initial sniffs of the martian atmosphere, Curiosity has been able to detect little to no methane on Mars. However, the data that the rover has gathered is helping scientists understand how Mars may have lost its original atmosphere.

Curiosity's First Soil Results
Topic: Mars
Summary: Initial experiments from Curiosity show that the mineralogy of martian soil is similar to weathered volcanic soils in Hawaii.

Curious About Life: Interview with Jennifer Stern
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Jennifer Stern explains how she went from studying methane emissions in landfills to searching for signs of life on Mars.

Curious About Life: Interview with Felipe Gómez
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Felipe Gómez explains how the REMS instrument on the Curiosity rover could help determine the habitability of Mars.

Features on Mars Match Climate Model Predictions
Topic: Mars
Summary: Modeling methods that were used to predict climate change on Earth have now been found to be accurate on Mars as well. The results show how useful and accurate climate models can be - not just for planets like Mars, but for the Earth as well.

Curious About Life: Interview with Jen Eigenbrode
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Jen Eigenbrode talks about how the SAM instrument will search for the organic molecules that would indicate whether Mars ever could have supported life.

Looking for Life in Mars Methane
Topic: Mars
Summary: Using computer simulations, researchers have predicted the amount of methane that might be seen by the Curiosity rover. Detecting methane on Mars could be significant in the search for signs of life on the red planet.

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