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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Paydirt at Mars Rover Site
Topic: Mars
Summary: A new report details the discoveries of NASA's Opportunity mars rover at the rim of Endeavour Crater. The findings shed new light on the history of water on Mars and the potential for habitable environments in Mars' past.

Ancient Volcanic Blast Provides More Evidence for Water on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: Scientists have uncovered more evidence that early Mars was once saturated with water and had a thicker atmosphere. The findings bolster theories that Mars was once habitable for life as we know it.

Mars Rover Starts its 9th Year
Topic: Mars
Summary: Eight years after landing on Mars, the Opportunity rover has gained access to geological deposits from an earlier period in martian history than anything it has previously examined.

The History of Volcanism on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: Fiver years of data from the Mars Express mission has revealed new insights about what lies beneath the largest volcanoes on Mars.

Martian Volcanic Glass Could Be Hotspot for Life
Topic: Mars
Summary: Water may have played a role in forming plains of volcanic glass that spread across nearly a third of Mars. The discovery of this volcanic glass could steer scientists toward subglacial lakes where martian life could thrive.

Lava Coils on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: Images of lava flows in Mars have revealed spiral patterns that resemble snail shells. The patterns indicate possible interactions between lava and floods of water.

A BOLD Fleet of Probes to Seek Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: A group of 20 scientists is now calling for a mission to Mars with "a strong and comprehensive life detection component." The proposal presents a small fleet of sensor packages that can run a range of tests for signs of ancient or existing life.

Bringing Mars Back to Earth
Topic: Mars
Summary: Rocks from Mars can teach us much about the red planet - its geology, its climate, and whether or not it ever hosted life. A new study says that looking for evidence of past life on Mars should be one of the driving forces behind a sample return mission.

NASA Outlines Key Steps for Mars Exploration
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's Mars Program Planning Group (MPPG) has begun analyzing options for future robotic missions and enlisting the assistance of scientists and engineers worldwide.

Viking Data Suggests Life?
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's Curiosity rover is set to land on Mars in August and will hunt for signs of life's potential on ancient Mars. Some scientists still believe that the Viking mission has already found evidence of life.

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