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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Phobos-Grunt Fails to Leave Earth Orbit
Topic: Mars
Summary: After launching on a Zenit rocket, the Russian Phobos-Grunt Mars probe failed to leave Earth orbit.

Phobos-Grunt Readied for Launch
Topic: Mars
Summary: Russia's first interplanetary mission in nearly two decades is being prepared for launch. The Phobos-Grunt mission will perform the first ever landing on Mars' small moon Phobos. If successful, the mission will collect samples from the moon and return them to Earth.

Clay Minerals Suggest Martian Water Underground
Topic: Mars
Summary: A new study suggests that if life ever existed on Mars, the longest lasting habitats were most likely below the Red Planet´s surface. The results come from a new interpretation of mineral-mapping data from European and NASA orbiters.

Mars: How Watery a World?
Topic: Mars
Summary: If Mars ever had oceans, lakes or rivers, then it may also have had life as we know it. Indications of liquid water on the Red Planet have tantalized scientists for well over a century.

Mars 500 Reaches the End
Topic: Mars
Summary: The crew of the Mars500 experiment is preparing to open the hatch of their 'spacecraft' for the first time since June of last year.

Marte: ¿Hay Agua?
Topic: Mars
Summary: Si Marte tuvo alguna vez océanos, lagos o ríos, entonces también puede haber tenido vida tal como la conocemos. Indicaciones de agua líquida en el planeta rojo han atormentado a los científicos durante más de un siglo.

DAN: MSL's Underground Scout
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's Curiosity rover will soon use a special instrument to check for any water bound to shallow underground minerals on Mars. The results could help determine whether or not Mars could have supported habitats for life in the past.

New Technique Can Reveal Mars's Watery Past
Topic: Mars
Summary: The presence of the mineral jarosite on Mars means that liquid water had to exist at some point in the planet's past. Scientists have developed a new method for determining the age of jarosite and the conditions under which it formed. Now, scientists might be able to use jarosite samples to define when and where water flowed on Mars.

How Gale Crater Became MSL's Destination
Topic: Mars
Summary: In August of 2012, a new Mars rover will be delivered to Gale Crater, where it will search for signs that Mars was once habitable for life.

New Mystery on Mars's Forgotten Plains
Topic: Mars
Summary: One of the 'best understood' landscapes in Mars could be hiding information that would rewrite the planet's history.

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