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Testing Mars Missions in Morocco
Topic: Mars
Summary: Martian-like landscapes in Morocco provide testing grounds for the next generation of Mars exploration missions.

The Scars of Impacts on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: ESA's Mars Express has returned images of an elongated impact crater that could help scientists understand how these unique craters are formed. Features of the crater could also provide new information about the potential presence of water that was melted due to the heat of the impact.

The Next Mars Rover's X-Ray Vision
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's next Mars mission will carry a 'chemical element reader' that can measure the chemical ingredients in rocks and soil. The instrument is one of many that the Mars Science Laboratory will use to determine if Mars was once habitable for life as we know it.

Making the Search for Mars Life Easier
Topic: Mars
Summary: New technology may make finding life on Mars easier. According to new research, adding a laser and ion funnel to a mass spectrometer, a rover could directly analyze materials on Mars without directly handling the samples.

NASA Mars Rover Will Check for Ingredients of Life
Topic: Mars
Summary: The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument has been carefully installed on NASA's next Mars rover. SAM is part of the Mars Science Laboratory mission, which is scheduled to launch in November of 2011, and will search for organic molecules on the surface of Mars.

Solving the Puzzle of Why Mars is so Small
Topic: Mars
Summary: Scientists studying planet formation have long been trying to determine why Mars is so small. A new model may help solve the mystery. The study could alter ideas about the early solar system and change our understanding of how small, rocky planets form and evolve.

Mars, Brought to You by Corporate Sponsors
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA scientists and others think business corporations could bankroll a human mission to Mars. This raises the prospect that a spaceship named the Microsoft Explorer or the Google Search Engine could go down in history as the first spaceship to bring humans to the red planet.

Northern Mars Actively Changing
Topic: Mars
Summary: Sand dunes in the martian north that were long thought to be static have now been shown to change with both sudden and gradual motions. The dune fields might be among the most active landscapes on Mars, and could be tied to season changes in carbon dioxide.

Astrobiology Top 10: Trapped Rover Finds Evidence of Water on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine is highlighting the top 10 stories of 2010. At number 5 is evidence from NASA's Spirit rover that water trickled into the subsurface of Mars fairly recently. (Originally published 10/30/2010)

Astrobiology Top 10: Viking Results Revisited
Topic: Mars
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine is highlighting the top 10 astrobiology stories of 2010. At number 6 are the experiments prompted by a surprise from NASA´s Phoenix Mars Lander suggesting that soil examined by NASA´s Viking Mars landers in 1976 may have contained carbon-based chemical building blocks of life. (Originally published 9/4/2010).

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