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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Simulating Safe Passage on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: Scientists have developed a model that could provide Mars mission planners with a better understanding of terramechanics on Mars.

NASA Evaluates 4 Candidate Sites for Next Mars Landing
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA has selected four potential landing sites for the next Mars lander. NASA's InSight lander is scheduled to launch in March of 2016.

Curiosity Observes The Moons of Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's Curiosity rover has captured a movie of Mars' larger moon, Phobos, passes directly in front of the smaller moon, Deimos.

Ice May Explain Mars's Double-Layer Craters
Topic: Mars
Summary: Geologists have proposed a new explanation for double-layered ejecta craters on Mars.

As Curiosity Celebrates 1 Year on Mars, Opportunity's Hunt Continues
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is mapping minerals on a martian mountain named Solander Point. The Opportunity rover will soon scale the mountain to search for clues about the habitability of ancient Mars. Meanwhile, the Curiosity rover celebrated its first birthday on the red planet.

Curiosity Has Been on Mars For One Year
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's Curiosity rover will mark one year on Mars and has already achieved its main science goal of revealing ancient Mars could have supported life.

Ancient Snowfall on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: A new study indicates that water responsible for carving valley networks on Mars originated as snow or rainfall. The study could shed new light on the planet's ancient climate and potential for life.

New Evidence for a Martian Ocean
Topic: Mars
Summary: Scientists studying data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have discovered new evidence that Mars may have once had a vast ocean of water on its surface.

MAVEN and the Mystery of Mars' Atmosphere
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's MAVEN mission is set to launch later this year and will carry an instrument to measure charged gas particles in Mars' upper atmosphere. The data will help astrobiologists understand if Mars' atmosphere was once substantial enough for liquid water to persist at the surface.

Mars Rover Provides Clues to Mars' Past Atmosphere
Topic: Mars
Summary: Two new studies based on data from NASA's Curiosity rover are helping to explain how Mars lost much of its original atmosphere. Studying the atmospheric history of Mars can provide clues as to whether or not the planet could have been capable of supporting life in the past.

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