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Um Catálogo de Exoplanetas Habitáveis
Topic: New Planets
Summary: O Laboratório de Habitabilidade Planetária criou o Catálogo de Exoplanetas Habitáveis, que avalia a habitabilidade de exoplanetas com base no tamanho e órbita corretos para serem considerados adequados à vida.

18 New Planets Discovered Orbiting Massive Stars
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have announced the discovery of 18 new extrasolar planets. The planets are helping to increase our knowledge of the diversity of worlds in our Universe.

Planet Kepler 21b Confirmed by Earth Observations
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Using observations from both space and Earth-based telescopes, a new planet that is only 1.6 times the radius of Earth.

Discovery of Three New Planets, Plus a Mystery Object
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have discovered three new planets orbiting giant, dying stars. One of the stars also has a mystery object in orbit. The new data provides information about the evolution of extrasolar planetary systems.

Photo of a Gas Giant Planet as Cool as Earth
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have taken a photo of an extrasolar object whose temperature is as cool as the Earth.

Watching a Young Planet Being Born
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have captured the first direct image of a planet forming around its star. The 'protoplanet' is surrounded by cooler dust and gas, which is falling into the still-forming planet. The discovery provides new insight into how planets form and evolve.

Astronomers Find New Planets in Old Data
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have found visual evidence of two extrasolar planets by re-examining decade-old Hubble data. The study demonstrates a novel approach for planet hunting with Hubble data archives.

Journey to the Exoplanets
Topic: New Planets
Summary: A new iPad app is providing users with the chance to explore mysterious planets outside of the Solar System.

An Unusual Multi-Planet System
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have discovered a multi-planet system containing a super-Earth and two Neptune-sized planets. Uniquely, the planets orbit in resonance with each other and around a star similar to the Sun.

Doubts Over Fomalhaut b
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Formalhaut b has been billed as the first exoplanet to be directly imaged in optical wavelengths. Now, it's identity is being questioned. Determining the effectiveness of planet-hunting techniques is important for astrobiologists who are searching for habitable worlds around distant stars.

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