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How You Can Find an ExoPlanet
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Since the online citizen science project Planet Hunters launched last December, 40,000 web users from around the world have been helping professional astronomers analyze the light from 150,000 stars in the hopes of discovering Earth-like planets.

How Exoplanets are Surprising Scientists
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Kepler has provided a trove of information concerning extrasolar planets. Earlier this summer, The Kavli Foundation spoke with three prominent researchers in the field about how Kepler´s discoveries are already helping to change their thinking about planets in the Milky Way.

A Planet Blasted with X-Rays
Topic: New Planets
Summary: New data suggest that high-energy radiation is evaporating about 5 million tons of matter from the planet CoRoT-2b every second. This result gives insight into the difficult survival path for some planets.

Tatooine-Like Planet Discovered
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Researchers have discovered a planet that orbits around a pair of stars - a scene similar to the fictional planet of Tatooine in the sci-fi classic Star Wars.

Extreme Weather on Alien World
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers may have witnessed a storm brewing on a brown dwarf star. The storm could be grander than anything yet seen on a planet, and could help scientists understand weather phenomena on extra-solar planets.

Rocky Planets Could Have Been Born as Gas Giants
Topic: New Planets
Summary: A new theory of planet formation could mean that Earths and Super-Earths were created when gas was stripped from gas giant planets.

Los Planetas Rocosos Podrían Haber Nacido de Gigantes Gaseosos
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Una nueva teoría de formación planetaria sugiere que Tierras y súper-Tierras se crearon al despojarse gas de planetas gaseosos gigantes.

Discovering an Invisible World
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have discovered an 'invisible' planet by monitoring it's influence on a second planet that we can actually see. The finding demonstrates a method for finding planets that are undetectable by other methods.

50 New Exoplanets Discovered by HARPS
Topic: New Planets
Summary: ESO's exoplanet-hunter, HARPS, has discovered more than 50 new exoplanets. Among the discoveries are 16 super-Earths, one of which orbits at the edge of the habitable zone of its host star.

A Planet Made of Diamond
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers think they have found a once-massive star that has been transformed into a small planet made of diamond in our Milky Way. The discovery sheds new light on the diversity of planets and how they can form.

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