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Hot Planet with a Comet's Tail
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have confirmed the existence of a gas giant planet, named HD 209458b, that is orbiting so close to its star that its heated atmosphere is escaping into space. Studying the 'cometary planet' can provide new information about the evolution of planets and the variety of worlds that exist beyond our solar system.

A New Way to Find Earths
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have used a completely new technique to find an exotic extrasolar planet. The same approach might even be sensitive enough to find planets as small as the Earth in orbit around distant stars.

First Directly Imaged Planet Confirmed Orbiting Sun-Like Star
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have confirmed that the first directly observed extrasolar planet is orbiting a sun-like star. The planet is adding to our knowledge of how planetary systems form and can help astrobiologists better understand where to search for habitable worlds around distant stars.

Exoplanet Superstorm
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have measured a 'superstorm' in the atmosphere of an exoplanet for the first time. Such observations may pave the way for more precise observations of extrasolar planets, ultimately helping astrobiologists detect habitable worlds around distant stars.

Plentiful and Potential Planets
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Two planet-hunting telescopes - CoRoT and Kepler - are keeping astronomers hard at work cataloging far-distant planets that orbit other stars in our galaxy. The search for distant planets is essential for astrobiologists who are hunting for habitable, Earth-like worlds beyond our solar system.

Exoplanet Caught on the Move
Topic: New Planets
Summary: For the first time, astronomers have been able to directly follow the motion of an exoplanet as it moves to the other side of its host star. The study is helping astronomers perfect techniques that will help in the search for habitable extrasolar planets.

Perturbed Planets Outside of the Plane
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have discovered a planetary system where two of the planets orbit at a steep angle to each other. The discovery will affect theories of how multi-planet systems evolve and shows that violent events can disrupt the orbits of planets after a system forms.

Get it While it's Hot! Star Devours Planet
Topic: New Planets
Summary: WASP-12b is the hottest known planet in the Milky Way galaxy and may also be the shortest-lived. Observations with a new instrument on the Hubble telescope show the planet being eaten by its parent star.

'HD 11964 d' by Any Other Name
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter... the names of planets in our solar system read like a "Who´s Who" of ancient mythology. What should we call the planets we find beyond our solar system?

ExoPlanet Gazing from the Ground
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have imaged three distant exoplanets using only a modest-sized, ground-based telescope. The surprising feat could be repeated using larger telescopes, providing more information about exoplanets than previously thought possible with current technology.

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