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10 Years on Mars Leads to Livable Mud
Topic: Mars
Summary: Ancient minerals analyzed by NASA's Opportunity rover may provide evidence that water suitable for life existed on the surface of the planet some 4 billion years ago.

Bright star reveals new exoplanet
Topic: New Planets
Summary: An international team of astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet, christened "Kepler-410A b." The planet is about the size of Neptune and orbits the brightest star in a double star system 425 light years from Earth.

Looking for a 'superhabitable' world? Try Alpha Centauri B, says Astrobiology Journal
Topic: Outer Solar System
Summary: Planets or moons outside the "stellar habitable zone" may have environments even more favorable to supporting life than here on Earth, according to a new Hypothesis article in Astrobiology

Cracked Sea Ice Stirs Up Arctic Mercury Concern
Topic: Climate
Summary: A NASA study in the Arctic has shown that cracks in Arctic sea ice ultimate allow atmospheric mercury down to the surface where it can enter the food change.

NASA Searches for Climate Change Clues in the Gateway to the Stratosphere
Topic: Climate
Summary: NASA's uncrewed Global Hawk research aircraft is in the western Pacific region on a mission to track changes in the upper atmosphere and help researchers understand how these changes affect Earth's climate.

Poison-Breathing Bacteria
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Researchers have discovered bacteria in California's Mono Lake that 'breathe' toxic metals.

From Crime Fighting to Methane Lakes: Designing Robots for Earth and Space
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
Summary: The MARS (Mobile and Remote Sensing Lab) team has helped the Cleveland Police refurbish an old crime-fighting robot. Other work involves outfitting modern robots with applications for science in space and on Earth.

Happy 10th anniversary Opportunity!
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity, landed touched down on Mars ten years ago today. Since then, the rover has made stunning discoveries about the potential for past life on Mars.

Discovering an Ancient Landmass
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists have discovered that land masses existed on the Earth 2.7 billion years ago.

Herschel Telescope Detects Water on Dwarf Planet Ceres
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: Scientists using the Herschel space observatory have made the first definitive detection of water vapor on the largest and roundest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres.

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