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Stellar Inventory: Searching For Other Earths
Topic: New Planets
Summary: The European Space Agency has given the official go-ahead for the planet-hunting and asteroseismology space mission PLATO.

Pine Island Glacier Thinning May Go On For Decades
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research suggests that the largest single contributor to global sea level rise, a glacier of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, may continue thinning for decades to come.

Evolution Stuck in Slime
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study shows that conditions on the ancient Earth almost brought an end to life.

Clockwork Motion In Nearby Galaxy
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Using the sharp-eyed NASA Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have for the first time precisely measured the rotation rate of a galaxy based on the clock-like movement of its stars.

Impacting the Hadean Earth
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study on the effect of frequent impacts on the crust of the early Earth could help determine whether or not evidence of these violent events can still be found in the planet's geological record.

How Evolution Shapes the Geometries of Life
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: New research suggests that the shapes of both plants and animals evolved in response to the same mathematical and physical principles.

Animals Need Little Oxygen
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study shows that the origin of complex life on Earth may not have required oxygen levels in the atmosphere to be as high as previously thought.

A Geoengineering Warning
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study found that a proposed method of geoengineering--injecting sulfate particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight--could pose a severe threat if abruptly stopped once it has been implemented.

Color of Dinosaurs Offers Clues on Shift in Physiology
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: New research that revises the rules allowing scientists to decipher color in dinosaurs may also provide a tool for understanding the evolutionary emergence of flight and changes in dinosaur physiology prior to its origin.

A Serious Threat for Arctic Biodiversity
Topic: Biosphere
Summary: A new study outlines how irreplaceable wildlife and habitats in the Arctic are under threat from climate change. The report includes work from 253 scientists from 15 different countries.

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