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 You've Been Slimed!
Hollywood horror flicks have captivated us with alien blobs, but the slime slithering on our own planet is as beguiling. From microscopic machines to life on ocean floors, new research reveals how essential slime is to life on Earth, and possibly other worlds. Discover the new materials made from hagfish slime... the social life of a slime mold... and the threat posed by the gray goo of self-replicating nanobots. Plus, it´s been 50 years since it first oozed across the screen: why there´s no escape from The Blob! 03/01/10

 Investigating an Impact Crater
Join Dr. David Grinspoon, astrobiology curator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, as he investigates a giant impact crater. In this podcast, Grinspoon explains what the crater might indicate about the history of life on Earth and the possibility for life elsewhere in the solar system. 11/01/06

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