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 Extraterrestrial DJs: spinning tunes for the stars
Would extraterrestrials like to listen to our music? Even if intelligent beings on other planets can't enjoy the sounds we create, they still might be curious to know what pleases our aural appendages. 04/21/11

 Ediacaran Fauna Fossils
In this episode, journey back in time to learn about Ediacaran Fauna, a diverse group of organisms that lived in the world's oceans about 580 million years ago. We´ll meet Dickinsonia rex, a sort of living bathmat without eyes or a mouth, and other strange denizens of the primordial slimebed. Paleontologists Mary Droser and Jim Gehling explain how they´re working to reconstruct this ancient ecosystem by studying fossils and shed light on the enduring evolutionary puzzle of how and why the first complex life forms arose.
This podcast was funded by the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

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