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Retrospections Lecture Presidential Commission on the "Moon, Mars and Beyond" initiative
Presidential Commission on the "Moon, Mars and Beyond" initiative Back
The Tool Guy: Red Whittaker Responds
Topic: Moon to Mars
Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute has spawned advanced robots for exploration, with Red Whittaker often the one directing them into volcanoes or along the ocean floor. Whittaker responds to the questions from the Presidential Commission considering how best to explore the moon and Mars.

Andrew Cheng: One Giant Leap on an Asteroid
Topic: Moon to Mars
Dr. Andrew Cheng, 2001 project scientist for the first robotic landing on an asteroid, takes up the question: Should humans try to land on what many consider our nearest and best solar system targets, the asteroids?

The Bigger Picture: Minutes from a meeting about the use of media to promote space exploration
Topic: Moon to Mars
Testifying before the Presidential blue-ribbon commission plotting trips to the moon and mars offers a chance to evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly--in other words, to take note of the big picture.

William "Red" Whittaker: Red´s Rovers
Topic: Mars
Dr. William "Red" Whittaker is a principal scientist with the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. When he testified before the moon and Mars Presidential Commission, he made the case for 'going for the poles'--a strategy similar to the historical Magellan routes where circumnavigation lines can be drawn if a robot can traverse the path.

Marianne Frey: Round Trip Survivor
Topic: Moon to Mars
Dr. Marianne Frey considers the spaceflight challenges to human physiology and psychology. Does it take more than just the 'right stuff' for humans to get to Mars?

Ray Bradbury: The Illustrated Spaceman
Topic: Moon to Mars
In viewing Earth, moon and Mars, few could or would ask to look ahead five hundred years. When presenting his views to the blue-ribbon Presidential Panel, author Ray Bradbury took on the challenge of imagining a moon base and a Mars' civilization.

Edward Lu: Why Move an Asteroid?
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
The global defense against asteroids includes proposals to change the orbit of a hazardous, incoming rock. Doing this engineering in space by 2015 has much to do with how to control another world's orbit--with nothing but empty space to push off of.

Punching Through the Night´s Curtain (Q & A, Part II)
Topic: Moon to Mars
What is the endgame in a quest to understand where in the universe we on Earth might fit in? The question hinges on one's view of what a true space-faring civilization or a multi-planet species might represent.

What Would a Martian Drive? (Q & A Part I)
Topic: Moon to Mars
Three leading space scientists discuss how best to search for life, given what we know today about Mars, history's lessons about human exploration and whether Mars is another place to plant a flag.

David Morrison: Waystations to Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Do asteroids make good candidates for testing mission profiles before trying to get humans on Mars? Dr. David Morrison considers the role of robots and humans, along with which targets might round out a priority list between the Moon and Mars.

Michael Carr: Bringing Mars Home
Topic: Moon to Mars
How important would it be to have a martian sample to pass around to the worlds' best laboratories, much the way that researchers share meteors and moon rocks today? According to Dr. Michael Carr, the stepwise goal of returning an interesting rock from Mars will hinge on mobility and robotics first.

Jonathan Lunine: Life Finder
Topic: Moon to Mars
Way beyond the horizon of currently planned missions is a place for what Dr. Jonathan Lunine describes as a 'life finder'. The question he poses in his testimony to the Presidential Commission on 'Moon To Mars and Beyond' centers on how one looks for another habitable Earth-like planet.

Russell Schweickart: Charged With Planetary Destiny
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
When will defending the planet mean simply calling on the "Ace Asteroid Mining and Moving Company" to nudge an asteroid gently out of the way? Russell Schweickart discusses the best ways to protect the planet from emerging asteroid threats. His timeline is within the decade to alter an asteroid's orbit.

Thomas Stafford: Penmanship in Boxing Gloves
Topic: Moon to Mars
General Thomas Stafford presents his unique views on what it takes for humans to get to the moon and Mars. As a former astronaut, Stafford shows a characteristic attention to the fine details while never failing also to understand a bigger picture.

Ed Weiler: Mars Horizon, The Big Plans
Topic: Mars
The future of Mars missions hinges on a launch window about every 26 months. The next generation of robotic explorers will take new instruments and exploration strategies to the red planet this decade.

George W. Bush: Triad of Exploration Goals
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Presidential NASA address outlined broad plans for three exploration goals: finish the space station, a new shuttle by 2014, and a return to the moon.
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