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Retrospections Lecture Penny Boston: Subsurface Slime
Penny Boston: Subsurface Slime Back
Studying Slime
Topic: Extreme Life
Penny Boston, a member of the SLIME team - Subsurface Life in Mineral Environments - spends much of her life underground. She explores caves, studying the bizarre microbial life forms that inhabit them. These unique environments, very different from the surface world that we live in, hold important clues to finding life on other planets.

Life in a Lava Tube
Topic: Extreme Life
Most people think of underground caves as beautiful and benign environments. Their colorful stalactites and stalagmites draw throngs of tourists each year. But some of the caves that Penny Boston explores are so poisonous to humans that she has to wear a full biosuit to enter them. To her, caves are laboratories for studying unusual forms of life on Earth, and hold important clues to finding life on other planets.
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