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Records searched for : "mars atmosphere" Records Found : 42
Entomopter: Extreme Explorer's Hall of Fame
September 13, 2002, Friday
Type of News : News
Fixed wing flyers are difficult to build as Martian roving vehicles. But this week's Extreme Explorer tries to learn from the terrestrial insect world.
Hot Martian Heartbeats: Seasonal Valentine
February 14, 2003, Friday
Type of News : Retrospection
The Mars Orbital Camera captured these South Pole changes over a two year span, as entire hills and mesas reshaped and dry ice sublimed seasonally. The time-sequence shows the remarkable changing geography of a planet in flux-perhaps moving out of the last Martian Ice Age.
A Traveler's Guide To Mars
December 22, 2003, Monday
Type of News : Interview
Arizona planetary scientist, Dr. Bill Hartmann, offers a visual grand tour of Mars, in anticipation of the trio of landers scheduled in the next few weeks.
Mars is Solar Groovy
January 06, 2004, Tuesday
Type of News : Exclusive
While engineers engage their rover with mission commands and scientists look for rocks, an untold history on Mars is being written by the weather itself. In Gusev crater, or the 'cup' where the Spirit rover came to rest, newly released images from orbit indicate that tiny tornadoes called 'dust dev
Mars Express: Polar Water-Ice Imaged
January 23, 2004, Friday
Type of News : News
Mars Express confirmed the southern poles contain both dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) and water-ice. Its stereo camera continues to create high resolution depth views down the deep erosion crevasses that mark the ancient water history of a possible warmer world.
Flying a Science Lab to Mars
April 13, 2005, Wednesday
Type of News : Exclusive
How do you follow a flat-out success like the Mars Exploration Rovers, still cruising Mars after all these months? By thinking "bigger and better." The Mars Science Laboratory, currently scheduled for launch in 2009, will land a rover three times as massive as Spirit or Opportunity and with ten scie
Mars Getting Drier and Drier
December 28, 2005, Wednesday
Type of News : News
Geologic features at the Opportunity landing site on Mars were formed not by a lake that evaporated but by constant strikes from meteorites, say two Arizona State University geologists.
Getting to Mars Means Stopping and Landing
April 04, 2011, Monday
Type of News : Exclusive
With the space shuttle program reaching its end, scientists are focusing on technology that can take humans beyond Earth. All eyes are on Mars, but designing a spacecraft that can travel to and land on the Red Planet remains a prime challenge.
Phoenix Shake and Bake
June 23, 2008, Monday
Type of News : Interview
In this interview, William Boynton talks about the TEGA instrument on the Phoenix Lander, and explains what it can tell us about the possibility for life on Mars.
A Maven for Mars
September 19, 2008, Friday
Type of News : News
A newly selected robotic mission to Mars will provide more detailed information about the planet's climate history and habitability than ever before. NASA's MAVEN spacecraft is currently scheduled to launch in 2013.
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