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Pavilion Lake Research Project Participants


 Allyson Brady is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary studying microbial diversity and carbon cycling in extreme environments. Her research interests continue to focus on microbes in extreme environments, microbial carbon cycling, influences on carbonate precipitation and the potential for the formation of isotopic biosignatures that may be preserved in the geologic record. Acting PI (commencing June 1, 2010).




 Donnie Reid has been diving for the past 25 years, primarily in the coastal waters of British Columbia. Over the first 10 years, he was heavily involved in dive instruction, having certified over 2000 entry-level divers. During this time he became involved in underwater photography under the mentoring of world-renowned underwater photographer Neil McDaniel. Logistics and Operations Manager.




 Bernard Laval's research interests can be broadly described as transport processes in lakes and estuaries using a combination of field and numerical modeling techniques. He is currently an assistant professor in Envinronmental Fluid Mechanics group at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Besides Pavilion Lake, Bernard is currently investigating wind-driven circulation and deep water renewal processes in several lakes in British Columbia. CSA CARN Logistical Contract PI



Ben Cowie is currently a Ph.D. student in the University of Calgary's Applied Geochemistry Group. His current research focuses on environmental and applied geochemistry relating to the Alberta Oil Sands region. Ben recently completed his M.Sc. thesis with Dr. Greg Slater at McMaster University, using compound-specific radiocarbon analysis to delineate biodegradation pathways and microbial carbon cycling processes in petroleum-contaminated environments. PLRP Education and Public Outreach




Andrew Abercromby's major science goals at Pavilion Lake include quantitative and qualitative assessment of the relationship between scientific productivity and operational procedures and constraints. Participating Scientist, Data Management






Allessandro Airo's interest lies in the field of astrobiology, which tackles the questions of the origin of life and the search for extraterrestrial life. Allessandro joined Don Lowe’s group in 2002 as a PhD student in order to study astrobiology-related topics in geology in conjunction with my background in bio-sciences. His research is focused on the affects of environment and biota on the development and ultimate morphology of microbialites.






Kim Binsted
Expertise: Space Exploration, Astrobiology
Affiliation: CSA / U. of Hawaii
Participating Scientist






Zena Cardman
Expertise: Microbial Ecology
Affiliation: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Field Assistant





Amy M Chan. Our research team will continue to investigate the abundance and genetic composition of prokaryotic and viral communities in Pavilion Lake and its microbialites. As well, I am particularly interested in isolating and characterizing novel viruses that infect cyanobacteria and other phyto-epiphytes associated with microbialites. Participating Scientist





Matthew Deans. Improving science return through real time mapping and rapid turnaround post-flight analysis. Participating Scientist, Science Stenographer






Bill Dearing. I’ve worked in various NASA laboratories at Kennedy Space Center in support of failure analysis, materials testing, telescience and computer engineering. Recent work has included providing Earth analog testing solutions for Lunar Surface EVA cameras systems used by the Science Team in support of NASA Desert Research and Technology Studies (D-RATS). Communication and Video Systems




Mike Delaney has been scuba diving for the past eight years, seven as a professional Divemaster and Instructor with over one thousand dives. For the past six years he has worked at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre in the Animal husbandry department and as Assistant Diving Officer. Mike is actively involved in many community and international marine conservation activities such as marine life surveying and habitat monitoring. Assistant Dive Safety Officer




Michael Downs began working at NASA Kennedy Space Center as a cooperative education student in 1992. At Pavilion Lake, Michael is responsible for the communications infrastructure that will be used this year, as well as the NASA MMCC (Mobile Mission Control Center) that will be supporting the project for the first time this year.






Jonathan Fether. To ensure safe and productive operation of the submersibles, and to refine the sub's instrumentation package to better suit future deployments. Deepworker Technical Support.




Alex Forrest's research is focused on describing circulation patterns of environments where evidence of microbialites exists. Specific to the PLRP, Alex will be using a variety of conventional field techniques and UBC-Gavia, an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), to describe the physical environment of Pavilion Lake and other lakes in the surrounding area (e.g. Kelly Lake ). It is hoped that results of this work can be combined with data of the lake geochemistry to develop the overall patterns of the lake properties. Ph.D. Student, Deepworker Pilot, Gavia Pilot.




Steven Fotheringham is currently employed by Oakville Trafalgar High School (Oakville, Ontario, Canada) as a Science/Math teacher. Steven joined the Pavilion Lake Research Project team in 2010 as part of the Education team in order to give his students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the Scientific Method to real-world situations. Teacher Participant





Mike Gernhardt, NASA Astronaut, Manager of Environmental Physiology Laboratory and Principle Investigator of Prebreath Reduction Program, Johnson Space Center. Dr. Gernhardt was selected by NASA in March 1992, and reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1992.






Andrew Hamilton, Ph.D. Student, Gavia Pilot. Major Science Goals at Pavilion Lake: To understand the physics of Pavilion Lake from a fluid dynamics perspective that make this environment a unique system for microbialite growth.






Jennifer Hansen is currently a student at McMaster University in the Earth and Environmental Science program with a focus on isotope geochemistry. She is currently working with Dr. Greg Slater to better understand how bacteria are able to live in extreme environments. Her project is investigating the carbon cycling of cyano bacteria living in super saline ponds surrounding Pavilion Lake.




Jeff Heaton has worked on many documentary films as submersible pilot and supervisor for Nuytco Research. These include the BBC production "Quest for the Giant Squid" in Kiakoura submarine Canyon, New Zealand, the Discovery Channel's "Octopus Show" in Jervis Inlet, B.C., the BBC's "Extreme Animals", also in Jervis Inlet, B.C., and the BBC's "Pacific Abyss" in Palau Micronesia.






Chris Hadfield, Canadian Space Agency Astronaut.







Sasha LeBaron, Deepworker Technical Support.






David Lees, Participating Scientist, Science Stenographer. Major Science Goals at Pavilion Lake: Improve the efficiency of data collection during Deepworker flights and make it easier to find interesting images, video and events during post-flight data analysis.







Gary Lippman, Support Diver.







Dana Lis, Camp Cook. Dana Lis is a Registered Dietitian. Through her clinical nutrition experiences, she has acquired practical skills in several specialty areas including; surgery, pediatrics and diabetes. In terms of PLRP, this will be Dana's forth year as "camp cook."





Stanley G. Love, NASA Astronaut.






Margarita Marinova, Ph.D. Student, Deepworker Pilot. Margarita has been involved in a number of field work expeditions, such as studying debris flows and setting up a weather station in the Canadian High Arctic, looking at carbonate structures in the Sahara, and measuring environmental factors including UV levels in the Atacama Desert, Chile. At Pavilion Lake, Margarita is responsible for underwater instrumentation (temperature & light sensors), modeling water properties and light penetration, helping with weather station setup, and diving support.




Damien McCombs, First Aid Attendant. As a new member of the PLRP, I am excited to be working with such a fascinating project. I have been providing medical services for a variety of different sites through out BC. This includes backcountry settings, to industrial sites, to construction sites, to outdoor classrooms. Much of my working life is spent designing and delivering experiential, sustainability focused, outdoor, educational material to kids. I am outside pretty much all the time, for work or play (Hello Marble Canyon!).





Bree Mireau, Teacher Participant. I am coming to Pavilion Lake to learn from scientists, astronauts and other educators to create unique and engaging lesson plans for my students with respect to space exploration and technology.




Rafferty Pendery, Videographer and Web Designer. Rafferty Pendery is the CEO of Studio98, a marketing company specializing in web based system development, social media and reputation management. Rafferty was then asked to participate in the Pavilion Lake Research Project. Rafferty has been contributing to PLRP for 2 years, redesigning the PLRP website and creating video pieces which represent the Pavilion Lake Research Project. These videos have been fed into and redistributed by NASA through many social media channels. The video footage has also been used by UC Davis and the Canadian Space Agency.




Mike Reay, Deepworker Technical Support. Major Science Goals at Pavilion Lake: To ensure safe and productive operation of the submersibles, and to refine the sub's instrumentation package to better suit future deployments.






Jeff Rozon, Deepworker Technical Support.






David Saint-Jacques, Participating Scientist. Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, Dr. Saint-Jacques was a medical doctor and the Co-chief of Medicine at Inuulitsivik Health Centre in Puvirnituq, Quebec. He also worked as a Clinical Faculty Lecturer for McGill University's Faculty of Medicine supervising medical trainees in Nunavik. Dr. Saint-Jacques began his career as a biomedical engineer and his broad scientific background also includes astrophysics and medical training.






Marc A. Seibert, Participating Scientist. Marc is a Senior Research Engineer and Project Manager in the IT Technical Integration Office at KSC, within the Office of the Chief Technology Officer. Marc's work in lunar analogs is helping to answer architecture-driving questions for ESMD and Constellation. He has extensive experience leading and coordinating multi-organization communications and networking teams, and architecting and executing complex operational communications systems and networks. Marc is a Co-Investigator in the Pavilion Lake Research Project.



Rebekah Shepard. As a geobiologist I endeavor to discover and interpret signatures of these events in the rock records of Earth, and as an astrobiologist I search for evidence of life on other planetary bodies. I study how modern microbial mats form complex shapes, or morphologies, and the potential these morphologies have for becoming fossils. Lake Pavilion contains a diverse group of microbial mats that exhibit different morphologies and varying potentials for preservation. I am working to characterize and document these morphologies, as well as to understand how much control the microbes have over these final shapes.



Curtis Suttle, Participating Scientist.
Major Science Goals at Pavilion Lake:
- Role of viruses and other microbes in the formation of microbialites
- Genetic composition of viruses and other microbes associated with microbialites





Art Trembanis, Visiting Scientist and AUV team participant. I am interested in pursuing the goal of repeated high-resolution lake bottom mapping from the platform of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. I am also working to help integrate the AUV and Deepworked data into advanced 4D visualization software and to advance approaches in cross platform coordination.





Mary Beth Wilhelm, Field Assistant. I am particularly interested in the potentially recent microbialite growth on fallen rocks as well as in the classification and distribution of morphologies of microbialites in Pavilion Lake.






Nick Wilkinson, Data Management, Support Diver.






Danielle M. Winget, Participating Scientist. I am intrigued by the diversity and activity of viruses in Pavilion Lake. Our research group is particularly interested in isolating and characterizing new viruses for cyanobacterial hosts found in microbialite mats as well as the determining phylogenetic relationships between Pavilion Lake viruses and found in other freshwater and marine ecosystems.



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