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Chris McKay, NASA Ames

McKay, the principal investigator for IceBite, has extensive experience in the Antarctic dry valley, in permafrost drilling for microbiology, and in planning and participating in missions to Mars. He was a co-I on the Phoenix Mars lander.



Margarita Marinova, NASA Ames

Marinova has done field work in the Arctic deploying data loggers. She will be responsible for the deployment of the data loggers in the ground ice and dry permafrost and for deployment of the meteorological system.



Wayne Pollard, McGill University, Montreal

Pollard is one of the worlds experts on ground ice in polar regions. He will study the distribution of ground ice and how the processes involved in the formation of the ground ice. He will lead the mapping of ground ice using ground penetrating radar.



Kris Zacny, Honeybee Robotics

Kris Zacny is the Director of Drilling and Excavation Systems. His research interests include robotic terrestrial and extraterrestrial drilling, excavation, and geotechnical systems. He has previously performed drilling tests in the Arctic, and under Mars-like conditions. He will be responsible for the overall success of the IceBreaker drill, evaluating drilling data and sampling protocols, and developing drilling and sampling procedures for Mars.


Gale Paulsen, Honeybee Robotics

Paulsen specializes in developing sample acquisition and manipulation systems for planetary exploration. He has tested systems in a number of environments including the Arctic. Paulsen will be responsible for setting up and operating IceBreaker, a semi-autonomous prototype drill for Mars exploration.



W. Andrew Jackson, Texas Tech University

Jackson has done extensive research on the natural occurrence of perchlorate in arid regions on Earth. He will be looking at its abundance in distribution in Antarctica, both as an extension of his terrestrial research and with an eye toward the role perchlorate may play in creating habitable environments on Mars.



Denis Lacelle, Canadian Space Agency, St-Hubert

Lacelle been working on the origin of ice-cemented ground and massive ground ice in polar regions. He will be involved in studies of the fabric of the ice, the stable isotopes of ice and occluded gases, and the processes that involve the formation of ground ice.



Jen Heldmann, NASA Ames

Heldmann has been working on models and field data of snow packs on Earth and Mars. She will focus on studies of new packs in the high, cold parts of the dry valleys as models for snowpacks on Mars. She will be the deputy team lead.



Dale Andersen, SETI Institute/NASA Ames

Andersen has extensive experience in Arctic and Antarctic research. He will be involved in the collection of samples for biological studies and studies of the habitability of the ground ice. He will lead the science drilling team.



Alfonso Davila, SETI Institute/NASA Ames

Davila will focus on the microbiology and geochemistry (especially nitrate and perchlorate) of the soil-ice boundary and the dry layers of permafrost soil.

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