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The Drake Equation Revisited: An interview with Sara Seager
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: In this interview, MIT scientist Sara Seager explains how a revised Drake equation could help people think about the odds of finding signs of life on a distant planet in the next decade.

A Taste of Mars: HI-SEAS Mission Now in its Final Days
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: HI-SEAS Commander Angelo Vermeulen talks about the lessons learned during the 120-day simulation of a human settlement on Mars.

Forming a Definition for Life : Interview with Gerald Joyce
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: What is life? In this interview, Gerry Joyce of the Scripps Research Institute reveals why it’s been so hard for scientists to come up with a definition that encompasses the multiple dimensions of life as we know it.

The Anthropocene: Humankind as a Turning Point for Earth
Topic: Climate
Summary: In this interview, Dr. David Grinspoon discusses the implications of the Anthropocene -- a timescale defined by humanity as a geological force shaping the global landscape and evolution of our planet.

How NASA Might Revive Kepler
Topic: Missions
Summary: Scott Hubbard helped guide the Kepler mission when he served as director of NASA Ames Research Center. Here he explains how NASA might bring the planet-hunting spacecraft back online.

Where Life Could Thrive: Interview With John Grotzinger
Topic: Mars
Summary: Billions of years ago, the site on Mars where Curiosity analyzed its first rock sample had the conditions necessary to support life on Mars. John Grotzinger, project scientist for the mission, spoke with Astrobiology Magazine about the mission and the new results.

Curious About Life: Interview with Dawn Sumner
Topic: Mars
Summary: Dawn Sumner helps interpret the visual data that Curiosity rover sees with its cameras. In this interview, she reveals why Curiosity’s first images of Mount Sharp made her cry.

Curious about Life: Interview with Jeff Moersch
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Jeff Moersch describes the DAN instrument on the Mars Curiosity rover. Donated by the Russian Federal Space Agency, this instrument will search for underground water without any need for digging.

Curious About Life: Interview with Richard Leveille
Topic: Mars
Summary: Richard Leveille of the Canadian Space Agency is one of the scientists working on Curiosity's Chemistry & Camera (ChemCam) instrument. ChemCam’s laser will target selected rocks, creating an ionized, glowing plasma that will be used to analyze their composition.

Curious About Life: Interview with Darby Dyar
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Darby Dyar explains how Curiosity rover’s ChemCam instrument will probe the rocks of Mars to learn about the planet from the inside out.
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