Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition

Click here to read Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition, a quarterly publication highlighting European scientists who study the history of life on Earth and the possibility for life beyond our world.

Click on the front page to enter the Spring 2007 issue of Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition.

The Spring “Spotlight on France” issue contains interviews with French scientists Frank Selsis and Roger Bonnet, and stories about research by Andre Brack, Hervé Martin, and Thierry Montmerle, among others. The Spring issue also features an op-ed by Francis Westall about the contributions the French have made to Astrobiology, as well as a podcast interview with Westall about her own important research.

The “Retrospections” section, which encompasses history, philosophy, arts and religion, contains new essays by Mark Brake and Reverend Neil Hook of the University of Glamorgan’s Centre for Astronomy and Science Education. They discuss the contributions made to science fiction by Camille Flammarion and Jules Verne in separate essays. Mark Brake and Martin Griffiths also review the life of the astronomer Messier and explain how his findings add to the debate about alien life.

Join us as the “Old World” of Europe embarks on journeys around the globe and to other worlds, continuing their grand tradition of exploration. As they seek answers about life on Earth and in the universe, read about their pursuits in the latest Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition!

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