Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition

Astrobiology Magazine is proud to launch a European edition of our magazine. A quarterly publication with a completely new format, Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition will highlight scientists in the European community who are studying the history of life on Earth and the possibility for life beyond our world.

Cover page of the December issue of Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition

More like a glossy magazine than a web page, the December premiere issue has interviews with top European scientists, stories about European research, overviews of recent European conferences, and a list of upcoming events of special interest to the European astrobiology community. This issue also features an op-ed page written by André Brack of the French Space Agency.

Because astrobiology often touches upon societal beliefs, art, and culture, a special “Retrospections” section focuses on history, philosophy, literature and religion. In the December issue, Mark Brake and Reverend Neil Hook of the University of Glamorgan’s Centre for Astronomy and Science Education write about the impact science fiction has on science in their essay, “Copernicus and the Wild Goose Chase.”

Join us as the “Old World” of Europe embarks on journeys around the globe and to other worlds, continuing their grand tradition of exploration. As they seek answers about life in the universe, we hope you’ll enjoy reading about their pursuits in the new Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition!

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