Welcome to the New Astrobiology Magazine!

Art Science Research Laboratory launches A New Astrobiology Magazine

Is there life on other planets? What are the latest findings on Mars? Astrobiology Magazine — www.astrobio.net — has been reporting the latest and most exciting developments in science related to astrobiology since 2000.
To provide the best experience for our viewers, we have designed a completely new version of Astrobiology Magazine.

We are a leading source for comprehensive coverage of national and international news about research and programs at NASA and around the world that is continuing to uncover the mysteries of life in the universe and the origin of life on Earth.

This modern, eye-catching look is aimed at providing a more accessible, user-friendly experience with a wider range of interactive content.

  • Our updated list of  ‘Hot Topics’ makes accessing the thousands of stories in our archive easier than ever.
  • New multimedia sections provide quick access to videocasts and podcasts.
  • Women in science and climate change blogs under development will feature high profile women in science, and will cover the latest headlines and scientific discoveries related to  climate change. 
  • Enhanced features from our traditional magazine are here as well – from coverage of NASA Expeditions and scientific debates to book reviews and cultural perspectives on science.
  • Providing cutting-edge platforms that feature “digital story-telling” through collaboration with The Columbia School of Journalism. This innovative integration of text, still images, video, audio and music will make SMD programs more attractive for media-savvy viewers.
  • A 21st century Internet quiz game focusing on SMD science developed in partnership with the University of Florida.
  • Connecting to social networking sites such as FaceBook and Twitter.
AM’s new projects and collaborations promise to introduce NASA to an even wider and more diverse audience

Astrobio.net is your source for all things astrobiological –millions of visitors each year visit Astrobio.net to learn more about current Earth and Environmental science, Astronomy and Stellar Evolution.
Scientists, students and fans of learning more about the origins of the universe, we hope you visit the new Astrobiology Magazine!

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