• Venus: The Hottest Vacation Destination of the Past?

    Hi!  I’m Giada Arney, a new blogger at Pale Blue Blog from the University of Washington. Even though I’m an astrobiologist, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the least habitable planet in our solar system: Venus!  Venus has a similar size and bulk composition to Earth, but there the similarities end.  Picture this: Venus has a surface hot enough to melt lead, clouds made of corrosive sulfuric acid, and a surface pressure equivalent to being almost 1 km underwater!  Why would an astrobiologist be interested in a planet that has would happily melt, corrode with acid, and crush

  • Selfies for Synchrotrons


    Did you know your smartphone might be good for something besides spamming out duck-lip pics of yourself? Did you know your phone might be a valuable scientific tool to help us understand the cosmos? Are you reading this on your phone right now? Hey! Get off the phone! You could be using this time to collect data on Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays.

    Cosmic rays (a generic term for high energy protons and atomic nuclei) come from the Sun, other stars, galaxies, etc. are constantly pelting our

  • Pluto Revere

    As promised, here’s Julia’s lyrics, rapped to the tune of Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere”

    Here’s a little story I gots to tell,

    About a solar system you think you know so well.

    S. Domagal-Goldman
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  • PaleBlue.blog @ AGU open Mic night

    So…. you all should know by now that those of us at PaleBlue.blog love science communication. So we jumped on the Open Mic Night at AGU.

    Here’s the words to the poem I’m reading. I’ll post Julia’s lyrics (YES! lyrics…) in a bit.

    Don’t trust me, I’m a scientist.
    Other scientists know not to trust me.
    In fact, they’ve been trained to

  • #tbt I’m all about that… SPACE.

    The wonderful folks at ReelNASA, out of Johnson Space Center, have done it again! Previously, they’ve done parodies of “Gangnam Style” (see below) and this tremendous video of Earth’s atmosphere now came out with their parody of “I’m All About That Bass” today. That video, and their original viral video (“NASA Johnson Style”) are below. Enjoy!!

  • #tbt GO ORION GO!!!!

    All of us at PBB are excited for the launch of Orion! Here’s our throwback meme to celebrate:


    For those that don’t know the reference, this is a reference to this meme, which also was motivated by NASA’s human space flight program: