Daily Archives: April 17, 2011

  • How is this science blog different from most other science blogs?

    If we want to use this blog to create a community, what could be better than a community blog? Most science blogs – like most blogs in general – present the single voice of a single author. PaleBlueBlog will be different because it will be a group blog. We are assembling a team of diverse, science-savvy contributors who represent not only a range of expertise, but also a range of personal perspectives. As a consequence, we hope you will often see us disagree as we report and discuss the scientific discoveries of the day. What we share is a conviction

  • Be a next Carl Sagan: join the PaleBlue.blog community

    Many scientists and science communicators often say “I wish we had another Carl Sagan.” While it is heartening to hear people – especially scientists – acknowledge the need for this, it is at the same time frustrating. First, this is something we should not just wish for. Carl Sagan was, in many ways, a super man. He was both an outstanding communicator and a prolific scientist. Furthermore, his research and communication took place at the intersection of topics the public was inherently interested in (planets and the search for life) with topics the public needed some knowledge of (climate change