Daily Archives: April 18, 2011

  • Brainstorm: Regular Content

    We want your input on types of regular content we could have on PaleBlue.blog. In conversations with Betül, Ariel, and others, we have a “starter” list of ideas:

    Brainstorm – Is this type of post a good idea for a regular feature? We could brainstorm on research, outreach, or science careers ideas

    Science Slam – A short video/podcast discussing some scientific topic

    Featured Scientist – A guest post or interview with a scientist

    Journal Club – We pick an article and discuss it, blog style

    Open Thread – Just a place to hang out and discuss…. whatever

    Mission Focus – Discuss a past/present/future/concept mission, once a

  • A Sample of One

    Shawn’s comment on yesterday’s word cloud posted by Betul inspired me to start thinking about a sample of one. It is remarkable that the only life in the universe we know about is here on Earth. You might expect there to be an abundance of life in the universe, or none at all, but not a sample of one. This is an interesting conversation in itself – but you may wonder why with a known sample of one, astrobiology is any different than biology for example, they both study the same sample of life. I think it breaks down

  • Astrobiology Primer

    Collaboration among scientists with expertise in various fields is a requirement for astrobiology’s breadth and interdisciplinarity. For example, it would not be unusual for experts in evolutionary biology, ecology, geochemistry and biochemistry to work together on an astrobiology research project. This blog is our attempt to bring this interdisciplinary and collaborative framework a step further, by proving a platform for scientists (and science enthusiasts) of any level to share their interest in astrobiology.

    To see how diverse astrobiology is, see the word cloud of Astrobiology Primer V1. Feel