Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

  • The Road Ahead: What Do You Think?

    As some of you know, I am a co-author on the “arsenic life” paper. Given my role as a co-author on that paper and as a co-editor of this blog, the situation presents some complications as we try to cover the story here. There’s much that I would like to say, but for me, personally, the trouble is that anything I write can be twisted out of context by those fishing for controversy about a highly public story (someone will probably twist that sentence out of context).

    Shawn, Betul and I will sort this out as we go as best we

  • Assessing Arsenic (and Beyond): Rules for the Road

    As Shawn noted earlier, the final version of the arsenic paper has appeared online, along with a slew of technical comments and responses, and will soon appear in print. Some back-and-forth has already begun in our comments section, and elsewhere. As that happens, I’d like to make a heartfelt request of the emerging PaleBlueBlog community: Let’s keep our discussions constructive…

    That doesn’t mean holding back on critiques of technical aspects of the arsenic paper or any other, or of making critical comments about “meta” aspects of a science story, such as public relations hooplah. Such discussions are not only tolerated here,

  • The Countdown: 5/31/2011

    Apparently no one told me it was 2011.

    3… Lots of JWST rumors have been floating around lately. No matter what happens, there isn’t a good solution to the problem. I’d prefer to just wait (nervously) and see what news comes out. I feel for those making this call.

    2… Microbiologist Dr. James Lake won this year’s Darwin-Wallace medal. Congratulations, Dr. Lake!

    1… This is a holdover from last week. You know Mars is small, but did you know that new research suggest it formed really, really quickly? In other words, Mars may just be Earth’s older brother.

    … Launch!