Daily Archives: July 6, 2011

  • The Countdown 7/6/2011

    Nature had a lot of cool stuff in it today. Let’s get to it: 3… I know that a decent percentage of our audience is composed of early-career planetary scientists. Well, right now, there’s a dearth of mission-oriented talent in our generation, according to a Nature News piece. We need to start getting involved in missions
  • The Countdown 7/7/2011

    3… Following yesterday’s news that JWST is under threat of cancellation by Congress,the AAS responded today. There are lots of good points in that post, the type that carry weight here in DC. I recommend reading it, and following up with your congressional representatives. And unlike other mission debates, this isn’t a choice between JWST
  • PaleBlueBlog is Back!

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the infrequent posts the last few weeks. Many of us have been on travel. I also had a move, a new job for my spouse, and had a huge project in June that is just wrapping up. Oh, and there have been budget issues. Thus, no Countdowns, which had been the mechanism