Daily Archives: September 19, 2011

  • Closing in on Extrasolar “Earths”

    A nice summary of recent exoplanet discoveries. It’s early days yet, but a preliminary estimate is that the percentage of stars that have Earth-like planets (i.e., rocky and in the habitable zones of their stars) is about 34%.

    As this article points out, the current indirect methods of planet hunting will not get us all that far in characterizing these worlds as they are discovered. To look for oceans and atmospheres, the next step is either a new generation of space telescopes for followup observations, or developing

  • DARWIN: Scientist. Naturalist. Serious to do list.

    Evolution is referred as the “e-word” in the south… As heart breaking as this may be, it also reflects a reality that us, scientists and educators face on a daily basis.

    For this particular reason, I am enjoying the bilboards and public transportation vehicles carrying around the announcement of the upcoming exhibition: ”Darwin: Scientist, Naturalist, Serious to do list” at the Fernbank Museum of Atlanta in Georgia. No, I am not kidding, each time I see a bus or a flyer in a random location, I put on a smile! So,