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  • Why Astrobiology? (ctd)

    We’ve seen two posts addressing the question “why study astrobiology?”, here and here. My take is very simple. There are three basic questions that any community of self-aware beings will eventually ask themselves, for reasons both practical and profound:

    • How did we get here?
    • Where are we headed?
    • Are we alone?

    The most direct way to answer these questions is exploration. To our ancestors, this meant exploring the next valley or the lands across the seas. To us, it means exploring the stars.

  • in response to “Why Astrobiology”

    Shawn here: the following is a comment made by Julia DeMarines on Dimitra’s post on “Why Astrobiology.” Betül asked Julia to re-post is as a “PaleBlue.you” entry… beating me to the punch, as I was going to ask her to do the same thing. Anyways, here’s one good, enthusiastic take on “why astrobiology.”


    Betül Arslan (a friend, colleague and Pale Blue Blogger) has requested that I re-post my response to Dimitra Atri’s post earlier this week. Because I think she is totally rad, I complied. Enjoy!


    Hey Dimitra!

    A very well written post!

    I study astrobiology for a number of reasons.. The first is because i’m