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  • Countdown to 11/29/11

    4. Where do energetic particles come from? Enrico Fermi proposed a theory on how particles could be accelerated by collisions with magnetic fields in the galaxy. Here are his notes showing the calculations he did for this seminal paper. Notice the date, Dec 4 1948. I did a quick check and found it was a Saturday!
  • Countdown to a Real Countdown, 11/25/11

    4. Why won’t Phobos grunt? Despite a flicker of hope a couple of days ago, the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft was frustratingly silent once again last night. 3. Climate science. While anonymous hackers take a second crack at making political mountains out of email mole hills, scientists working in the open advanced our knowledge this past week. First,
  • Thankful Countdown to 11/24/2011…

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here are a few things news topics in astrobiology/planetary/climate science that I’m thankful for: 3… The Phobos-Grunt spacecraft has started phoning home! This doesn’t necessarily mean the mission is saved, and it may even be past the point where a fully functional spacecraft could reach Mars, but this is a case where “no
  • Farewell to a Brilliant Earth Mother

    Farewell to a Brilliant Earth Mother I’m sitting here in a surf café in Cocoa Beach Florida, taking a break from briefings for the impending launch of the Curiosity Mars rover and trying to wrap my head around the news of the sudden death of Lynn Margulis. I wish I had more time to