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  • Countdown for 12/12/11

    The Countdown for Monday 12/11/11

    4. New global climate deal is a mixed bag but a step in the right direction. The United Nations climate change conference in Durban South Africa concluded on Friday Dec. 10th, reaching a deal that is significant for its inclusiveness (194 countries signed on) but also rather toothless. The agreement extends the Kyoto Protocol for several years, but includes no binding commitments for reductions of greenhouse gasses. Given the current global economic climate it may be the best that could have been achieved. The fact is, we are a global species

  • (Belated) Countdown for 12/10/11

    Sorry for the delay! I spent the day travelling back from the AGU Meeting in San Francisco. Somehow I managed to miss the most exciting talks but had many exciting conversations with friends old and new. Fortunately, Shawn covered some of that ground. Here are some more items, as well as some news that didn’t emerge from the Bay Area last week…

    4. Going, going… But not quite gone. Voyager 1 reaches a new milestone, now on the cusp of interstellar space.

    3. Martian Drywall. Opportunity discovers a vein of gypsum – calcium sulfate – indicating ancient water flowed through fractures