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  • Sun sneezes and…

    Living near a star has its benefits but one has to face consequences too. Last week we witnessed a M9 class solar flare and an intense Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hitting the Earth. CMEs are large volumes of charged particles ejected from the Sun’s Corona. Interaction of these charged particles with the atmosphere gives rise to spectacular auroras which can now be found floating around on youtube.

    Solar Storm in the Earth’s atmosphere

    The strongest such event in recorded history the September 1-2 1859 Solar Flare also known as the Carrington event after the observer RC Carrington. Carrington was taking routine

  • Countdown to 1/27/2012…

    Let me first introduce new readers to this feature. We try to (but don’t always) give a rundown of the day’s news in astrobiology/planetary/space/Earth sciences. We’ve been a little lax on this lately, mostly because our fearful leader (aka yours truly) has been slow in getting accounts approved for the others to post. But! I’ve finally done it.

    Anyways, onto tonight’s countdown.

    3… Space policy has appeared in political news the last couple of days, as the Republican primary has moved onto Florida and the space coast. I’m sure you all have heard about New Gingrich’s plan to set up a

  • Welcome to the new Pale Blue Blog.

    We started this blog last April, built on an idea of a true community blog. We wanted to give people the opportunity to follow their passions for Earth and space sciences in the same way they can for sports and politics. In short, we wanted to give everyone a place where they could post a “one-off” blog post without having to dedicate the time to maintaining a blog with regular content. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the coding skills on hand – nor the time to obtain them – to make that a reality.

    Then… we got an email from the

  • Countdown to a cruise 1/5/2012

    3… I invented this years ago, but I was inside a time cloak when I did it so unfortunately there’s no evidence that it happened. Oh, well.

    2… There’s good stuff in this month’s astrobiology newsletter. In particular, there are lots of good opportunities for students and postdocs. If you’re on the market, check it out.

    1… I’m on a boat! Well, I’m not… but colleague and science communicator extraordinaire, Julia DeMarines, is. Specifically, she’s on the Atlantis, which is heading to Caribbean to examine biota on the seafloor there. There’s sure to be lots of astrobiogoodness on the cruise, and Julia