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  • It is OK to be wrong

    As researchers, we are in the business of uncovering the truth, and truth is one of our greatest motivators. Truth is what gets us to work late into the night and what gets us up the next morning. The thought of being wrong terrifies us, to the point where our writing can become an impenetrable mix of jargon and qualification. And when we see others – politicians, news media, and colleagues – get things wrong, it really pisses us off. This is a good thing. As a community, scientists are trustworthy in large part because of their dedication to the

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  • The Trouble with Thinking Inside the Box

    In a recent NYT editorial, University of Virginia professor Mark Edmundson makes an argument for how online education can never equal or excel traditional in-class instruction. Among his arguments are the idea that an in-class teacher can get a sense for how students are reacting to content and whether content delivery needs to be modified to adjust to student reactions and abilities, in real time. In addition, a live professor can also give a lot of value-added content … answers to questions on the spot, conversations after class, philosophical discussions with engaged and enthusiastic students.

  • 7 minutes sure to keep us on the edge

    In less than a month, we will be treated to one of the most exhilarating rides in the solar system. Curiosity (The Mars Science Laboratory) may have had a pretty long journey since its launch last year but perhaps the hardest, most dangerous part is yet come…

    This video makes it clear why James Cameron used to be on a NASA Advisory Council. The drama built into the mission has the making of a Hollywood blockbuster (it even has a laser that it shoots to boil off rocks!) but for planetary scientists the scientific

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