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  • MemeSL Contest!

    I decided to start having fun with MSL pics and make meme-like statements on top. Here are a few attempts – the first one is just the rover showing off… the next is a reference to Snoop Mammal lyrics, the second talks about how “X-treme” the entry/descent/landing was… and the last one is Curiosity’s famous first tweet from the surface:

    Oh, and if we get enough interest we’re thinking of starting a tubmlr blog with

  • Imagine Harder

    It’s the future. It’s the 21st century. I always imagined that by this time, there would be the requisite flying cars and Moon colonies. So one of the biggest disappointments of my adult life has been the realization that our species is almost 100% Earth-bound and that there has been no real progress made in leaving low Earth orbit for as long as I’ve been alive. In the 80s, it seemed like we were on an uphill trajectory. The books I read as a kid promised the whole solar system as our playground. Or

  •’s Curiosity Coverage

    We’ve had a lot of posts over the past week, so I wanted to put up a post with all the pre-landing goodness and with all of Brendan’s excellent liveblogging last night.

    Adi introduced us to the rover within the context of the ongoing thirtieth olympiad, defined the word that serves as its name: “Curiosity” warned us about the “7 minutes of terror” during entry/descent/landing, and gave us a guide to viewing the landing and some fun pre-landing activities.

    Meanwhile, I chatted with the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science about the history of water on Mars and the