Daily Archives: August 5, 2012

  • A new face on Mars

    Tonight, Mars will have a new face.


    Aw, it has its mother’s eyes!

    Naturally, we’re all hoping that the face stays intact and makes it to the surface with the rest of Curiosity, as opposed to catastrophically slamming into the surface at 13,000 miles per hour as dispersed, charred bits of human anguish and crushed aspiration.

    After participating in the weekend-long educator workshop at JPL, I’ve developed a strong proclivity for anthropomorphizing NASA’s latest mission to Mars. After a few days of getting to know Curiosity a

  • Hello from Pasadena!

    Or as the locals say it, “Hello from Pasadena!”

    This is Brendan Mullan, occasional astronomy grad student, Famelab participant, and all-around friend of the show. I’m here at JPL, ready to give you the latest updates on all things Mars Science Laboratory. You can expect a couple of juicy tidbits as the day progresses, injected with my characteristic affinity for obscure pop cultural references, inconsequential asides, and demonstrable contempt for journalistic objectivity and personal integrity of any kind! It’ll be fun for the whole family.

    You’ve read the news. You’ve seen the 7 Minutes of Terror video. You

  • This month’s BMSIS podcast: Y-MSL?

    I came online to post the “Why MSL” informal talk I gave to the Blue Marble Space group, but decided we could do one step further… so we’re going to try to post the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science’s monthly podcast starting with my talk from earlier this week.

    This month, the speaker is yours truly… and I go over the history of NASA’s “follow the water” strategy and the context that creates for Curiosity, which will land tonight. I then talk about all the instruments on MSL, and how they’ll answer the next series of science questions we have