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  • The Next Full Moon (tonight!) is the Harvest Moon

    Hey everyone! I’ve fallen off the face of the blogosphere lately as I’ve dealt with some family medical issues (all sorted out now!) and a scoop threat on a Science paper (submitted!). I’ll get back to posting soon – and back to coaxing co-bloggers into covering the latest and greatest in astrobiology and space sciences.

    For now, I give you this lunar cycle’s report on the skies from Gordon Johnston. It’s Harvest Moon time! Break out your pumpkin ales and apple ciders and get ready to rake the leaves. (Or I guess if you life in Florida you can continue to

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  • The next best thing

    In recent days, Curiosity has been busy with self-inspections and calibration of its instrument suite. It has clocked about 150 meters and continues to work in good health.

    You might have already seen some photos of the red planet from this or past missions but prepare to be amazed by this impressive panorama.

    The Mars Science Laboratory might only sport a 2 Mega Pixel camera (so that it can send it photos in a reasonable time frame back to Earth), but thanks to the clever people at NASA and photographers like  Andrew Bodrov,

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