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  • Beers with Blue Marble Space Institue of Science… the Podcast

    Like philosophy? Like thinking about the origins of life? If you said yes to either question you should check out this month’s “Beers With the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science” podcast. In it, Aaron Goldman (no relation) discusses ancient philosophers’ approaches to the origins of life, and ponders what that implies for modern-day research on the subject. Oh, and I introduce one of my favoriate local beers. So, lots of good stuff. Anyways, listen for yourself below or download the podcast here.

  • A brief exoplanet update

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks for exoplanetary discoveries, but also for me, which explains why I’ve taken so long getting round to writing about them.

    On the 28th of August, the Kepler mission announced the discovery of a unique binary star two planet system. The Kepler 47 family consists of a binary pair, a G-type star – about 84% as massive as the Sun, and a smaller M-type red dwarf roughly 36% of the Sun’s mass, but only 1.4% as luminous. Two planets have been observed to be orbiting the pair. The closest is of these is Kepler 47 (AB)

  • LHC Scientists Found the Higgs. Now what?

    Want to know what the Large Hadron Collider and its standing army of scientists will be doing now that they’ve found the Higgs? No, they won’t just be adding to the certainty of the detection (although I’m sure that’s in the cards). Check out this great explanation from PhD Comics of all the great cosmology and theoretical physics the LHC crew will continue to work on, including the reason gravity is such a weak force and how the LHC may be able to prove the existence of extra dimensions…

  • @HabWorlds Twitter Digest, stardate 2012-08-27

  • The Next Full Moon is the Corn Moon

    Below is Gordon Johnston’s quad-weekly updates on the happenings in the night skies. He send this out a couple days ago, but I was on travel and didn’t have the chance to post it until now… that’s why the stuff at the top of the post is (slightly) outdated.


    The next full Moon is on Friday morning, August 31, 2012 (at 9:58 am EDT). The Moon will appear full for 3 days around this time, from Wednesday evening through Saturday morning (and will still appear full or nearly full when it rises Saturday evening).

    This is the day of the Ghost Festival.