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  • Curious about Curiosity?

    After a flurry of rumors that Curiosity discovered something that mission scientist John Grotzinger said would be “for the history books“, the internet has settled down into an odd blend of anticipation and disappointment about what will be revealed on Dec. 3. Here’s a bit of speculation about what will be revealed… why it’s not the stuff of some of your wildest dreams, but why it is nonetheless very, very, cool. Not just the sort of “cool” that gets us science geeks excited.

    Let’s approach this by asking ourselves what’s the least interesting thing that might have been

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  • 'Earthrise' - Taken by Apollo 8 crew-member Bill Anders on December 24, 1968 while in orbit around the Moon (NASA)

    The Atmospheric Mirror

    The Blue Marble Space Institute for Science is a not-for-profit research organisation that is using to fund a modelling project that seeks to identify the signs of industrial activity in the atmospheres of extra-solar planets. Find out more about the project, including more about the authors, their methods, the possible outcomes of the project and a breakdown of the costs, here:   


    When viewed from space, the Earth glows like a blue marble under the light of the distant Sun, bobbing gently in

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