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Daily Archives: December 24, 2012

Dec 2012

@HabWorlds Twitter Digest, 2012-12-17 to 2012-12-23

NASA: No asteroid collision threat in 2040 http://t.co/n7NYQeLf 21:13:34 The end of the Earth – a how-to guide. http://t.co/1yXrKEeV 13:58:03 No Doomsday! The Quick Reference Guide http://t.co/3DGvPMJg 13:54:04 Saturn's Transit of Venus on Dec. 21, 2012 http://t.co/VRbOmRj2 13:51:48 Redrawing the Tree of Life http://t.co/HUjd8oVo 13:50:31 APOD: 2012 December 21 – Orion over El Castillo http://t.co/RNuq34iN 13:42:35 Earliest animals were really… Lichens? This one is fun. http://t.co/jCI7Xbt7 15:34:33 For Manned Deep-Space Missions, Radiation Is Biggest Hurdle http://t.co/di7HRjw5 14:06:54 Maven's Haven: NASA's....
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