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  • More on the prospects for life on KOI-172.02

    In my last post, I talked about why I think KOI-172.02 is uninhabitable. But in the words of The Dude,

    And… in a way, it is just my opinion. KOI-172.02 sits in a bit of a “grey area” where we can’t *absolutely* rule out habitability, but it’s habitability depends on the planet being different from Earth in important ways.

    The habitable zone calculations I was basing my analysis on assume the planet absorbs incoming radiation about as efficiently as the Earth does. But it’s possible that a planet would absorb *less* energy than Earth. That could

  • KOI-172.02: An excellent candidate for a “Venus-twin”

    It seems that we have our latest “Earth twin candidate.” This time, the planet is in orbit around a star very similar to our Sun. It’s been getting lots of press attention. A google news search turns up quite a bit.

    Unfortunately, this planet is almost certain to be way too hot to support life, according to the metrics posted at the Kepler website.

    Before I get into that, a quick primer on what the habitable zone is. It’s the area around a star at which a planet could potentially maintain liquid water oceans at the surface, and therefore a global

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