Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • “Wait til’ next year.”

    Here are my thoughts after my most recent proposal rejection. A lot of this comes from my time at NASA Headquarters, watching program managers run their review panels to maximize the usefulness of the summary reviews.

    1. Your review will inherently feel like a 1-way conversation, but that is an illusion. The most helpful comments, constructive critiques or requests for specific details, will help you write a better proposal the next time you submit it. The worst comments, factually incorrect critiques or (I hope we don’t see these) unprofessional attacks, should be brought to the attention of your program manager and

  • The Next Full Moon is the Wolf Moon

    Shawn here… I’m still buried in a nightmare of a paper. But it’s almost done and I promise (no, really!) that I’ll be blogging more once that’s in press. But I can’t justify spending more time on blogging while a critical paper is so close to being finished. The problem is it’s been that close for a loooong time. In the meantime, enjoy this month’s update on the moon and other astronomical stuff from Gordon Johnston… apologies for the stuff that’s already happened. Gordon sent this out last week, but I was at a meeting and it got held up