Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • The Next Full Moon is the Flower Moon

    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the lunar eclipse last month. For more on what we can look forward to this month, including a potential (pretty, not necessarily dangerous) meteor shower check out Gordon Johnston’s monthly primer on astronomical happenings. As always, thanks Gordon!
    The next full Moon will be in one week, on Wednesday afternoon, May 14, 2014. The Moon will be “opposite” the Sun as seen from the Earth (i.e., 180 degrees from the Sun in Earth-based longitude) at 3:16 pm EDT. The Moon will appear full for about 3 days centered on this time,

  • Cosmos liveblog episode 9: the lost worlds of planet earth

    Not sure if I’ll get to liveblog tonight. I just arrived in nyc and need to find a place to watch in time…

    I WILL get a blog post up about this episode at some point as this is a topic near to my heart. Ironically, I’m in NYC for a meeting at which I’ll be giving a talk on this very topic. I’m my mind, early Earth is the most alien planet for which we have data.