Oct 2011

PaleBlue.blog welcomes David Grinspoon!


David is also a person I’ve looked up to for years, as he achieves a good balance of research with outreach. He is a well-respected and productive member of the Venus research community and yet also writes books for the general public, organizes teacher workshops, and participates in many other worthy endeavors. I’m really excited to have David as part of the PaleBlue.blog team, as he epitomizes the type of scientist I think we need more of in this era of distributed communications. Here’s his official PBB bio:

David Grinspoon is Curator of Astrobiology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and Adjunct Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Science at the University of Colorado. His research focuses on planetary evolution and habitability, and he is on the JPL Titan astrobiology team and the science teams of several active and proposed planetary spacecraft missions. He also likes to think, talk and write about the cultural, philosophical, artistic, ethical and humorous aspects of science. Also a musician, David has played in numerous great bands destined for obscurity. As a matter of fact he played lead guitar in a band called The Geeks years before being a geek was considered cool.

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