Aug 2012

This month’s BMSIS podcast: Y-MSL?


I came online to post the “Why MSL” informal talk I gave to the Blue Marble Space group, but decided we could do one step further… so we’re going to try to post the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science’s monthly podcast starting with my talk from earlier this week.

This month, the speaker is yours truly… and I go over the history of NASA’s “follow the water” strategy and the context that creates for Curiosity, which will land tonight. I then talk about all the instruments on MSL, and how they’ll answer the next series of science questions we have for modern and ancient Mars.

Anyways, you can stream all the BwBMSIS podcasts from here or download this one on iTunes here. The slides I show are viewable in a Google Docs presentation here. Or you can stream stream this using the radio here:


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