Aug 2011

Countdown 7/26/2011


I’m at a course on planning spaceflight missions this week. This is what what was exhausting me last week, too. Anyways, not much time to blog so it’s short tonight…

3… Lots of people are leaving NASA. I think most of this is fallout from the merging of the Explorations Systems Mission Directorate and the Space Operations Mission Directorate. You can get the details over at NASA Watch.

2… The speed of light is still a real limit, and time travel is therefore impossible, a truth backed up by recent research out of the Hong Kong University. I wonder if they tried running their experiment using a 1.21 Gigawatt power source.

1… The Large Hardon Collider may be on the verge of a monumental physics discovery: the Higgs Boson. Stay tuned as they beat down their signal-to-noise ratio and attempt to confirm initial hints of a positive detection…


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