Jul 2011

Countdown to exhaustion 7/21/2011


I’m at a class on Program Management and Systems Engineering. That’s why I haven’t done any countdowns this week. I’m sneaking one in tonight before a short night’s sleep…

3… Because I plan to wake up early to watch the last shuttle landing. If you’re reading this tonight GO TO BED so you can wake up to watch the landing, which is scheduled for 5:57 AM EDT on Thursday, July 21. In other words, 5-ish hours from right now…

2… I missed this in my negligence the last couple of days. We put Dawn into orbit around Vesta… and are getting some fantastic images back. Incredibly cool stuff. If I have time (probably not) I’ll write more about this amazing mission…

1… The battle for the James Webb Space Telescope… and for this decade’s astrophysics flagship missions in general, continues. Stay tuned…

LAND! (This link will probably only work right around 6 AM this morning.)

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S. Domagal-Goldman
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