Jul 2011

The Countdown 7/13/2011


We have some bad news on here of late. I tried to find some positive stuff to post today (although one important “bad thing” needed posting)…

3… . I missed this until it popped up on Nature’s website this afternoon, but congratulations, Australia! Last week, your country passed proposed legislation to combat climate change by (amongst other things) putting a price on carbon emissions. Now if only we could follow your lead…

2… The James Webb Space Telescope moved closer to being cut today, as the House Science, Space and Technology Committee approved the budget from the House Commerce on Justice, and Science Appropriations Subcommittee. The JWST cut wasn’t spared in the approval, despite a plea from Administrator Bolden. Budgets are a multi-step process, but every step we take without JWST being in the budget makes it that much more difficult to go back and pick the telescope up.

1… Check out the next-next generation of “increasing the awesome,” unearthed by Google. Also note that it was a clean sweep by future women of science, giving us yet another reason to be proud of American women this week. :-D


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