Feb 2012

There will be Exobiology.


Before I get into the story, let me be clear: the current plan in the Astrobiology Program is to proceed with the ROSES 2011 due date of March 2, 2012 and then have the next due date be in June of 2013…. Now onto the story.

I got a panicked message today from a colleague, wondering why the Exobiology program was suspended. After a few minutes of confusion, I figured out the issue: ROSES 2012 was just released… and in it, Exobiology is listed as “Not solicited this year.”

However, there will be an Exobiology solicitation in calendar year 2012… and in calendar year 2013. It’s just that the 2013 deadline is being pushed back a few months into the calendar year, and doing that caused a misalignment with the boundaries for the ROSES call. ROSES 2012 covers grants with due dates between May 1st, 2012 and April 30, 2013. The upcoming due date – March 2, 2012 – is a little too early to be included in ROSES 2012. The next due date – June ??, 2013 – is a little too late to be included in ROSES 2012. Thus, the worrisome listing for Exobiology in ROSES 2012 is because there will be just over a 12 month break between the two solicitations, even though there isn’t a full year being skipped. For more on this, and the reasons for the switch in the time, read this amendment to the 2011 ROSES call.

That is all. Everyone get back to worrying about your proposals.

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