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Shawn Domagal-Goldman is currently a Research Space Scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. His research is on exoplanet characterization lessons from the “pale orange dot” that was the Archean Earth. You can also find him blogging about baseball stats and the woe of being a Cubs fan at Bleed Cubbie Blue.

  • TBT: Check out my new pad.

    It's bigger than anything we've ever built and (except the Death Star) just about anything we've imagined building. And it's the new home of Philae. Congratulations to the Rosetta/Philae team, ESA, and humanity! :)Philae_Cribs
  • See the Ball, Be the Ball.

    What do we know about potentially habitable worlds beyond our Solar System? What will it take to find out whether or not they are habitable... or inhabited? What are we doing to improve our ability to answer those two questions? These are the things my colleagues and I get to work on every day, and recently I
  • This is the new blog. Same as the old blog.

    Hi, everyone. Shawn here. So, since I moved into our new house I haven't been blogging much. Or at all. And when I look in the mirror, this is who I see: So I'm bringing some awesome friends into the blog, as co-lead people, to help generate more content. Let
  • A visit to Kepler-10c

    I've been busy raising my kid and moving us into a new house, which is the reason for the non-posts. I didn't even have TV for about a month, so I couldn't even do my live-blogging of Cosmos. Fortunately, my colleague and (more importantly) good friend Ravi Kopparapu is picking up the slack. Ravi just put
  • The Next Full Moon is the Flower Moon

    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the lunar eclipse last month. For more on what we can look forward to this month, including a potential (pretty, not necessarily dangerous) meteor shower check out Gordon Johnston's monthly primer on astronomical happenings. As always, thanks Gordon! ---- The next full Moon will be in one week, on Wednesday afternoon,