• Teaching evolution in Turkey

    A cross between Wayne Manor, a Napa Valley vineyard, a calculus-obsessed kibbutz and a British collegiate faculty lounge, somebody (Ali Nesin) actually built the math classroom that your math teacher dreamed about while you were taking your weekly quizzes in high school. You couldn’t ask for a more lovely setting to explore the methods and means of quantifying evolution than the picturesque Mathematics Village (Matematik Köyü) found on a hilltop in Şirince, Turkey. The Evolution and Ecology (EvoEko), and the Hard Workers for Evolution Groups in Turkey partnered with the Mathematics Village to convene a welcoming atmosphere that

  • I am a scientist. Get me out of here!

    If you also think that sharing your research with a bunch of enthusiastic high school students is one of the best things about being a scientist, you will be interested in this London-based online outreach program: “I am a Scientist, Get me out of here! (IAS)”

    Here is how it works: About three or four times a year, IAS admins announce the application deadline for the interested candidates (aka graduate students and postdocs). If you are selected, the next step is to assign you to a zone based on your research/background. (For

  • DARWIN: Scientist. Naturalist. Serious to do list.

    Evolution is referred as the “e-word” in the south… As heart breaking as this may be, it also reflects a reality that us, scientists and educators face on a daily basis.

    For this particular reason, I am enjoying the bilboards and public transportation vehicles carrying around the announcement of the upcoming exhibition: ”Darwin: Scientist, Naturalist, Serious to do list” at the Fernbank Museum of Atlanta in Georgia. No, I am not kidding, each time I see a bus or a flyer in a random location, I put on a smile! So,

  • Primordial Weather Report: Hot, Acidic

    Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction methodology allows us to create ancient life in the laboratory. It’s a neat tool, that combines synthetic biology with bioinformatics in a very unique way. We can analyse and listen to the story of these ancient molecules and then use these stories to understand conditions that hosted ancient life.

    Here is a recent ASR study. By resurrecting ancient thioredoxin biomolecules, researchers show that ancient life was not only hot, but was acidic too. So here goes our first primordial weather report showing that if a time machine that allows us to go all the way bak to primordial

  • Astrobiology Primer

    Collaboration among scientists with expertise in various fields is a requirement for astrobiology’s breadth and interdisciplinarity. For example, it would not be unusual for experts in evolutionary biology, ecology, geochemistry and biochemistry to work together on an astrobiology research project. This blog is our attempt to bring this interdisciplinary and collaborative framework a step further, by proving a platform for scientists (and science enthusiasts) of any level to share their interest in astrobiology.

    To see how diverse astrobiology is, see the word cloud of Astrobiology Primer V1. Feel